Monday, February 18, 2008

disk beads

Oh yeah I love making discs. I can't stop!
About 5 years ago or so, I took a class at the Gathering Place near Chicago, with Heather Trimlett. She taught us to make discs. It was way beyond anything I could do, with my sloppy too much heat kind of technique. After a lot of the three P's... practice, practice, practice, I got better at it. A trick for those wanting to make discs. Practice with filigrana and follow the line that it leaves. I still work toward those perfect discs, but they do seem to be getting closer. In the meantime, the strength in these pieces is their colors.
All the years that I have taught art, we have worked on lessons in color theory. I have found if I practice what I preach, the beads begin to light up with color. Get a color wheel and try the combinations that it shows. It works!

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Bree said...

These are awesome! I love them!