Monday, February 25, 2008

Easy Nacho Dip

A picture of a favorite set of mine on Etsy.

I didn't post a recipe yesterday so today I will. It would be nice to share a good recipe each week. This is an easy dip for nachos that I take to parties. It is often requested by friends, as in, "can you bring that great nacho dip?" The cool part about this is that it is sooooo easy. :-)
You'll need a mini crock pot. (sometimes these are easy to find at the Goodwill, a friend told me, but I look every time I stop by and never have found one. I'd like another because the mini crock pots are also great for metal workers to keep their pickle hot. But I don't use mine for pickle. I use a tupperware container and heat it, but that's really not efficient and I'm too cheap to pay full price for another mini crock pot. So mine is for this dip. If you have a mini crock pot gathering dust, clean it out and you can put it to use with this dip.) wow what a long winded kind of run on sentence that paragraph is!!

Nacho Dip

plug in your mini crock pot
open a can of Hormel chili no beans and put it in the crock pot
add one 4 oz block of cream cheese
add as much cheddar cheese as you can get in the pot without it overflowing
let it heat. (takes about an hour)

tada!!! Serve with Nacho chips.
I even take this to work and just mix it in the lounge in the morning on days that we potluck.
It looks gross and tastes incredible. (ummmm sometimes I just make it at home because I like it and I eat too much of it and then skip dinner. Which kind of means I eat it for dinner. healthy eating at it's best)


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