Tuesday, February 19, 2008

glass compatibility

To make a bead with different colors of glass, the glass has to all heat and cool at the same rate. That's called COE and I'm sure I could look up what COE is, but on the other hand here is a quick show of what happens.
Last night I made this wonderful bead with bullseye glass. Bullseye has wonderful colors and lusters. I don't use it a lot because my main collection of glass is a different COE.
So, I used some base glass that I bought for a bargain. (oh dear, here comes the bad news)
I was told it was compatible, but no guarantee. So I made the base bead with the bargain glass. That's what I get for being cheap. LOL
On the top of this bead is some wonderful Bullseye Luster and a frit that just lights up when hit with oxygen.
Isn't it pretty? And this picture doesn't show what happens when you turn the bead in the light because it reflects a gold luster.
I admired that bead over and over and see it is cracking on the back. BAD BAD COE!
Back to the torch to make another of these beauties that won't crack. It will be an awesome focal bead. I wasn't real happy with the back anyway. Used a bit too much glass. So let's just call it practice.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

I love reading about your processes, Susan! How fascinating. And, yes, I think it's pretty!