Wednesday, March 12, 2008

color theory

Wow I had a 'huge' weekend. Went to Michigan for the Bead Bonanza show. Sharon Driscoll and I set up our Glass and Such booth to sell beads and kits and silver. We had a pile of fun although we were both so tired. The time change was a definate factor, but so was the long drive from Detroit to Northern Michigan on Saturday and then back to the Detroit area on Sunday very early, which was earlier yet due to having to change our clocks.
Then after the show, my flight with good 'ole US Airways was cancelled. I think sometimes when I book a flight for Sunday night some airlines think that means Sunday-ish! They offered another flight for Monday around noon. Ummmm.... no! I had to be at work. So the best laid plans often don't work well when you have to fly.
I was able to fly to Greensboro, arriving sometime around midnight. and then my husband had to drive two hours there to get me and two hours back..bless him, he drove both ways.

It has taken me until today to feel normal!

Today I am listing a link for color theory. It's pretty neat. You upload a photo and this site generates a palette of colors for you to use. I put the image of the above beads into this color page and tried it out. The results were pleasing, soft and comfortable. Not as vibrant as I like but it could be a very handy tool.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Ahhh, flying. Well, I'm glad the show as great and that you had fun, Susan!