Monday, March 24, 2008

lampwork flowers

Do you ever wonder how someone makes a particular bead? Well, almost every bead design begins with dots. Surface tension can be used to make dots spread in a particular fashion. Odd to think of surface tension and glass, but glass is a liquid. Strange as that sounds.

Flowers can be made in all kinds of ways, but I like the flowers with petals with the hole going through the center. I tried to make these for a long time and it seemed so difficult, but for some reason (could it be practice?) they are much easier to make now. I like to sell these on Etsy because they are such a happy little bead with multiple applications for jewelry.

And yes.... they are made of dots. Dots that I squish with a special tool. After that skill has been mastered, then it's time to mess around with sets and with colors, and different sizes, number of petals, and whatever else I can think of to do. You can see why lampwork is never boring.


nicole said...

I love all of your pictures.
Hope you are having a great spring break.
Love, Nicole

thewildhare said...

Susan, I love your pictures and your beads! You make me wish I was a jewelry artist, so I could play with your wonderful work. Everything you share with us makes me smile!