Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring in North Carolina

Wow What an incredible place to live! The trees are blooming with blossoms, the daffodils are up, the grass has already been mowed once, and leaves are starting to appear. I certainly don't miss the snow that we had in N Michigan. Haven't had to scrape snow off my windshield all winter, just used the windshield washer fluid to clean off some frost. How awesome.
In the meantime, in the home we are trying to sell in Michigan, we just had the propane tank refilled to keep the house at 55 degrees. I keep sending those positive thoughts to the realtor! I got a note from her today that they sold 60 houses since Jan 1, and 55 of those were homes repossessed by banks. Ouch. Apparently there are some bargains to be had.
It's bound to sell sometime, I hope! In the meantime, the move to NC has been wonderful for us. Thinking of planning some time at the beach!
A new listing today on Etsy.


Dayna said...

very pretty beads. Hope the house sells soon but I know other people in the same boat.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Beautiful beads again, Susan! Oh, that housing market. The best to you for that.

And yes to this warm weather! I am always amazed at the blogs pics I see from my friends in the northern states and Canada. Let me stay in the south for winter!