Tuesday, March 18, 2008

thinking of spring break

I just got back from a middle school teacher's conference in Greensboro NC, and certainly learned a bunch about North Carolina. One of the most fascinating sessions was about graveyards and the history you can learn by visiting them. I found out that on the coast of NC, the oldest graves had wooden markers because there wasn't native stone there. Now that's an interesting thing for a Michigan native to learn. There are so many glacial rocks in Michigan that one would never think of not being able to mark a grave with a marker.
The Piedmont area, where I live, had yet another type of marker, stone that was carved. The stonecutters/carvers were mostly German.
It's odd to be over 50 and living in a 'new' state. (besides the state of confusion, of course) Last year I learned what the state bird is. Isn't that something.

beads today..... thinking of summer beach days.


Dayna said...

Nice lookin' beads Sue! I like the orange. I may just start hoarding beads along with my scottie fabric!

AltheaP said...

Beautiful stuff. I came south after being a lifelong Yankee, so can relate to learning new things. I have a friend who says she lives in the state of euphoria.

Precious Quilts said...

Interesting facts about using wood for grave markings. Often been to Greensboro but never heard that! Makes sense though.

BTW, love your beads.