Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Almost Spring Break

Wow It's a long week in a middle school when it's just before spring break. The kids are excited and you know, it is sometimes hard for us to remember that these kids really are just emerging from being 'little kids' . So when it's an exciting time for them, they can get pretty wound up!
I'm trying to keep them busy in the art room. Glazing pottery, drawing pirate ships, making Picasso faces. It's a challenge, but every day when they get going off the learning path, I remind them that I get paid and I want them to get their money's worth. Whew!
Kids at this age have such a fun sense of humor. I wonder how they can develop that so early in life. And another thing I admire is how kind some kids can be to each other.
And to go on and on about teaching in the South. There truly are Southern manners. Up North in Michigan, when you walk up to a door, you open it yourself, but in the school I work in, there are so many young men who have been taught to open a door for a lady. They are so cute to run ahead and open the doors. I am in awe of their manners. They also often-times will say 'ma'am' when addressing me. That is not a thing I've had before. I asked a student today where their baseball game is and he told me 'it's at --- school, ma'am.'
How can you not melt? There certainly are children who parents can be proud of.

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