Monday, April 21, 2008

comfort beads

Do you have a comfort food? I do. It's breakfast for dinner, like waffles with real maple syrup, or a good omelet with rye toast and orange juice. What's yours? I know a few people who find comfort in mashed potatoes.
Anyway. These are my comfort beads. I feel real good the next day after lampworking, and that's kind of odd to say to anyone who isn't an artist. But the relaxation and yet a clear focus when working and that 'take me away from the world' brain thing makes me a better person.
These beads are just something I've always liked to make. The reaction of the turquoise and ivory is very nifty because there is a teeny thin line created where they touch. I add some black and just mess around with dots and swirls and twisties. They're good practice too I guess, but somehow they are mindless to make and I listen to music or just to my own inner self.
Then when they come out of the kiln, I etch them. This is only a few of the ones I made on Saturday. I just stayed in the garage studio and flamed for a long time, and then played with silver. Silver pieces might show up here, but they are for my show in Virginia in just a few weeks.

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