Friday, April 18, 2008

lampwork shells

It seems so odd that a week of vacation can make one tired! I still have things to unpack and get caught up on. Maybe it was all the work I did before I left! It's good to have everything done, and gee, maybe I can organize my tax folders better this year so next year taxes will be easier to cope with. Between the move and doing art shows in two states, there were a whole lot of forms, so it's good we have the accountant take care of this business. It would be overwhelming.
That said.. I read that as of April 23 I will have earned enough to pay Uncle Sam. Can you believe that? All the time I have worked this year so far is to pay taxes!

ok I'll shake my head and lose that thought. And think again about the fun stuff, like glass and silver.
I made a few conch shells out of glass. When these are at my shows, people think they are real shells until they look closer! In some ways I don't like that, because I want my work to look like it was artisan made, but in other ways, that's kind of neat! These shells aren't as light or fragile as 'ocean made' but they do make me think of when I was a kid and my Mom had a big conch shell on a table. I would lift it and hold it to my ear to 'hear the ocean'. Funny how I remember even how big it was (since I was so little!)

Onward and Upward. I'm putting a lot of work in to get ready for a show, so I'll be around and will post some pics here and there.


Dayna said...

Sue - That is a very pretty piece.

Jean Levert Hood said...

This bead is so pretty! I'll look forward to more pieces for your show.

thewildhare said...

Wow Susan, that is one gorgeous bead. Can't wait to see more!