Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a much needed vacation

This is just what I needed to do. The stress level in my life hit a rather high note this past few weeks. A trip to Michigan for a bead show (which was awesome) then the next weekend a trip to Greensboro for a middle school teachers conference (interesting, and they all talk so cute!) The following week, I finished up that 64 page full color yearbook, did my taxes, and completed this marathon with report cards. Life is so good. Actually it is. :-) I'm lucky to have the opportunity to do all of the above, and risking sounding like my Grandmother, who isn't around anymore, health is everything and having the healthy ability to do these things is a blessing. However, it certainly was/is time to recharge my batteries.
As we planned for a year ahead, DH and I headed to St Pete beach for our spring break. It's only a 10 hour drive from North Carolina, and people would always shake their heads at us when we told them we drove here straight from Michigan when we lived there. We would run to the beach and soak up all the sun we could before heading back to the snowy North. Living in N.C., has made winter easier, and we aren't fantasizing about moving to Florida during this break. We're just loving the fact that it's warm, there is a pool and the ocean, and we can walk for miles on the beach. Tonight, in fact, we will probably walk to Woody's (what a name) for wings and beer and sit on the picnic tables hoping for glimpses of dolphins. My son Mike, and his girlfriend Karin, are at this moment flying here to spend a few days with us. Oh boy... oh boy! How awesome is that?
Our little resort that we stay at is nestled among high rises, with maybe 22 rooms rented out, the guests are loyal customers returning year after year, to our quiet little spot on the Gulf.
I'll be back at my torch early next week, but in the meantime, there is a bead shop down the road beckoning. :-)


Dayna said...

Gotta show us what you buy at the bead shop!

thewildhare said...

Hoping you are having wonderful fun relaxing - you certainly deserve it! Can't wait to hear the news and catch up!