Monday, May 12, 2008

Lampwork masked beads

This is fun. I took brown glass and turquoise and worked with dot upon dot to create patterns. I love this type of work. The best artist that does this, in my opinion, is Brad Pearson.
I am in total awe of his work and always have been. I met him the first time I went to the International Society of Glassbeadmakers' big get together, which is called 'The Gathering'.
He was wearing these beads that were giant, and selling some masked beads. I was so lucky to nab a blue and white one which still sits in a little stand in my collection of 'awesome beads'. He is an inspiration to one who would love to do masking even better. ;-)

In the meantime. Working with the glass has been a real pleasure this weekend since my life schedule is heating right up with all kinds of 'fun' things at the day job. Teaching middle school art is a tad more challenging in May.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Your work amazes me!! These are gorgeous!