Monday, June 9, 2008

frustrations in web design

grrrr I have a web-site but didn't care for the hosting service. Hard to get help, hard to work with ftp, just generally difficult. So I switched services. Life isn't ever easy right?
My domain name is lost somewhere out there in cyber land and I can't access it to get the codes for transfer. I did the transfer, but they (the new service) say I gave them the wrong number. I did copy and paste. Must be my 'copy and paster' isn't working ;-)

so after hours on hold, emails to the old service that they'll never answer to my satisfaction, nor will they give me a phone number for help, I switched my web address from to
I'm so worried my loyal customers won't find me. Nor all those people with a business card from me going as far back as 1993.
Maybe when my old domain name expires, I can buy it thru my new service.

wishing things were like in the old days at the Mom and Pop stores. Remember that?
I remember going with a penny that I found to the little store on the corner. I was in kindergarten. Can you believe we could walk to the store if we wanted to? I recall going with a friend from down the street.
anyway I asked the lady 'what can I buy for a penny?' and she got a little box out and took penny candy out of boxes saying 'one of these, and one of these, and one of these....'
and handed me a treasure trove of penny candy! What an awesome thing to do, and here at the age of 54 I still remember that so clearly. It sure beats outsourcing!

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