Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Two more days of school

Hooray! The yearbooks are passed out, the paperwork is mostly done, and the kids are finished at 1:30 on Friday. Happy Summer to all of us.

I've been making beads at night, relaxing with experiments and will post some soon I hope.
It's helpful during this stress of ending the school year. Plus I'm trying to keep the kids as busy as possible. Teach till the last minute! That's the plan.

A few days at work next week and we'll head to Michigan for the summer. Hoping to sell the house, but we'll stay there and enjoy the summer weather, and golfing and art shows.

Plus I'll be going to the Arts Center for lost wax silver casting one night a week. Fun!


Jean Levert Hood said...

Have a great summer Susan!! Will wait to see your new creations!

susanlambert said...

yes Jean, summer is a great time creatively with all that time off, shows, and silver studio time. :-)
I'll keep posting on Etsy!