Tuesday, July 15, 2008

musings on moving

Wow It's summer, I have it off and it's hard to believe how busy we are. We're 'home' in Michigan and there are so many people to see, places to go, things to do. Like getting my hair cut at my 'regular' shop, and that isn't quick anymore since color has to be done too. Seeing old friends, going to the silver studio, celebrating birthdays, going to see relatives. We have to do this now because otherwise the week before we head back to NC, everyone calls and says 'Let's get together one more time!' Maybe this summer we'll leave a few open evenings for that. I'm marking my calendar now for some big 'get togethers' before we leave again.

Then packing this house. ugh... I hope to have a day when packing isn't an issue. We're getting so good at it, we should open a "I'll pack your house" business, except I think I'd rather gouge my eyes out than pack any more I personally have to.
My husband actually got out a box today and started packing! woo hoo! He's been avoiding it, I swear. There is still time.. a few more weeks until we want this house empty.

It's probably best we have taken two years to make our move permanent. Kind of the bandaid approach.. pull it off fast and feel the pain all at once, or do a little at a time for a longer but lesser pain. We are past the shock of leaving a small community where we've spent 30 years of our adult lives, and now it's fun to visit with all kinds of good memories. I love seeing my friends, miss a lot of what we had, but have to be realistic knowing in this economy in Michigan, we've done the best thing we can for ourselves.

onward and upward... need to make a few beads, pack a few boxes, and head out to do some silver work with Sharon this afternoon.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Susan, I can hear the bitter/sweet in your post!! Hard to leave the old, but looking forward to the new.

Now, if packing just wasn't involved!

susanlambert said...

yes Jean it is bitter/sweet
but it's working out great! thanks for stopping by!