Friday, August 29, 2008

Black and White (lampwork too)

I was thinking today about when I taught elementary art. You know the kids in kindergarten are the cutest. I would think 'they're too young to be here!' , but as the year progressed, so did they. And they care about things. They care about each other and all those little things like puppets and colorful rugs and graham crackers. Those are a big deal to them.

One day I asked the kids what the rule was when you turn in your paper. I held up a paper and said 'what should you do when you turn in your paper? What is the rule?' and you know I wanted a kid to say 'put your name on your paper'.
A boy raised his hand and I said 'what is the rule?' and he said 'work time is quiet time'

Now is that cute or what?
and then I said .... '
no that isn't the rule I'm looking for but that sure is a good rule. Does anyone know the rule when you turn in your paper? '

another hand up.. and the little girl I called on said 'always be kind'

this is a true story really!
and I started to think if we all remembered this 'work time is quiet time' and 'always be kind' ... at least in the middle school, the world would be a better place.
Little kids tend to think in black and white. Strong beliefs and they follow those. (easily brainwashed too but that's another story )

We're back at work this week. Back to the middle school art room. I hope I remember to 'always be kind'

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Kind of like spacer beads holding a spot between focals and fancy things, life can compare.
Focals in life can be those great weekends, big happenings like weddings, and births, new jobs, moving. The spacers are the day to day living, colorful and connecting.
I've had a whole lot of 'focals' in my life lately, moving two years ago from N Michigan to N Carolina, getting a new job, having my kids move all over the country, packing, selling the house, hunting for a new house. This isn't done yet.
I'm ready for some spacers. Colorful normal days. Gentle living. A schedule. You know? Life looking like the above beads would be good for a while. :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

dots on beads and spots in life

:-) had to make the title rhyme. I don't know why.
Spots in life. I'm in a different spot than last week! Now we're in N Carolina, where we will start work next week. It's been a short summer, but I'll bet a lot of Mom's are saying "I can't wait until you go back to school!"
Teaching art can be the type of job where you say 'and they pay me too!' so the boxes of things from Michigan that will work in the art room (zillions of Popsicle sticks!) are waiting to be unpacked. Anyone got a good popsicle stick craft? My husband bought them for some project that he didn't do.
hmmmm picture frames? pencil holders? I don't know!
Last week at this time I was in the silver studio casting some pieces in Michigan and this week we're all moved. woo! big job. my head is spinning and this blog posting most likely sounds a little mixed up.

so to close until another day... a picture of some bumpy earring beads that I just put on Etsy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

view from the back yard

We're back in N Carolina. I took this picture the day before we left. Look at how lush the woods are. There were turkeys in our yard often in Michigan, and since it was time for a few photo archives, I stood on the back deck, zoomed in on the turkeys and shot a picture.
We used to make a skating rink in the back yard and skate a lot. Good exercise for cold weather, and people here in the South, are amazed to think you could ice skate in your back yard! (let alone, ice-fish)
So the turkeys would skate too! They would sit up in trees, which amazed me anyway since they sure don't look like they can fly. They would swoop down to the skating rink and skid across the ice. Just playing. :-)
Unfortunately if they left a little 'gift' behind of turkey poop, my skate would hit the frozen glop and I would fly a bit myself! Shooting across the ice in a tumble that usually resulted in bruises.

Life lesson? Watch out for turkey poop. That has to mean something, doesn't it?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Glass Artist Susan Murphy =Circle Art

It's fun to look for other glass artists named Susan. The artist today is Susan Murphy from Circle Art on Etsy.
I am in love with her slumped and fused glass. Her business card holders are soooo tempting
The beautiful trays are awesome. To make any of this work, you need to fuse many times, creating the initial piece of glass and then the final firing is tricky when you slump over a mold.
Susan has this skill mastered beautifully.

Susan took her first fusing class in Baltimore, MD in 2006 and then moved to the Seattle area. She started attending an artist workshop for fused glass artists in Redmond, WA in 2007. She says, "I love the inspiration that I get from working with a group of very talented people. They have taken me from simply stacking pieces of glass on top of each other to discovering glass as a means of expressing myself."

Not only does Susan fuse, but she also makes lampwork beads. She teaches English with the International Language Program at Cascadia Community College in Bothell, WA. Whew! She's a busy lady.

Susan's studio is a mother-in-law suite with windows looking out on the Cascade Mountains and huge pine trees.

I think we need to all go visit Susan and view those mountains and watch this very talented artist at work.
In the meantime, check out Susan's Etsy shop.