Friday, August 29, 2008

Black and White (lampwork too)

I was thinking today about when I taught elementary art. You know the kids in kindergarten are the cutest. I would think 'they're too young to be here!' , but as the year progressed, so did they. And they care about things. They care about each other and all those little things like puppets and colorful rugs and graham crackers. Those are a big deal to them.

One day I asked the kids what the rule was when you turn in your paper. I held up a paper and said 'what should you do when you turn in your paper? What is the rule?' and you know I wanted a kid to say 'put your name on your paper'.
A boy raised his hand and I said 'what is the rule?' and he said 'work time is quiet time'

Now is that cute or what?
and then I said .... '
no that isn't the rule I'm looking for but that sure is a good rule. Does anyone know the rule when you turn in your paper? '

another hand up.. and the little girl I called on said 'always be kind'

this is a true story really!
and I started to think if we all remembered this 'work time is quiet time' and 'always be kind' ... at least in the middle school, the world would be a better place.
Little kids tend to think in black and white. Strong beliefs and they follow those. (easily brainwashed too but that's another story )

We're back at work this week. Back to the middle school art room. I hope I remember to 'always be kind'

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