Tuesday, August 12, 2008

dots on beads and spots in life

:-) had to make the title rhyme. I don't know why.
Spots in life. I'm in a different spot than last week! Now we're in N Carolina, where we will start work next week. It's been a short summer, but I'll bet a lot of Mom's are saying "I can't wait until you go back to school!"
Teaching art can be the type of job where you say 'and they pay me too!' so the boxes of things from Michigan that will work in the art room (zillions of Popsicle sticks!) are waiting to be unpacked. Anyone got a good popsicle stick craft? My husband bought them for some project that he didn't do.
hmmmm picture frames? pencil holders? I don't know!
Last week at this time I was in the silver studio casting some pieces in Michigan and this week we're all moved. woo! big job. my head is spinning and this blog posting most likely sounds a little mixed up.

so to close until another day... a picture of some bumpy earring beads that I just put on Etsy.

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