Sunday, August 17, 2008


Kind of like spacer beads holding a spot between focals and fancy things, life can compare.
Focals in life can be those great weekends, big happenings like weddings, and births, new jobs, moving. The spacers are the day to day living, colorful and connecting.
I've had a whole lot of 'focals' in my life lately, moving two years ago from N Michigan to N Carolina, getting a new job, having my kids move all over the country, packing, selling the house, hunting for a new house. This isn't done yet.
I'm ready for some spacers. Colorful normal days. Gentle living. A schedule. You know? Life looking like the above beads would be good for a while. :-)


Jean Levert Hood said...

Lovely musings on spacers and focals, Susan!

may spacers come your way!

Cody and Gina said...

Yes, we are all in need of some spacers! We had a great time in Sioux Falls....however we missed you! I will be sending pictures soon...also they will be on my blog :)