Sunday, September 7, 2008

Homemade Natural Cleaner

Another 'spacer' day. Relaxing and putzing around the studio and house.

Today my post is about something important to me. I work in a school and teach Art. The tables get so dirty, covered with glue, graphite, paint, clay, whatever. To clean those tables with cleaner from a store fills the room with a heavy chemical scent. It seems that if a person was transported into my room from say, 100 years ago, they would exclaim 'What is that horrible smell!' gag gag gag....But we are used to the cleaning solutions and solvents that we buy in the grocery. Look at the back of your spray bottle of 409 and see what is in that bottle! You are breathing in those fumes!
So I make my own very powerful natural cleaner. When the students come in my room after the previous class washes tables, they complain, 'it smells like vinegar!' and they get my lecture as written above. We discuss chemicals and environment and their own place in time as teenagers with growth spurts. I read the back of the bottle from a commercial cleaner. Then they write down my cleaning recipe and some of them make it at home with their parents. Just a little way of changing the world. :-)
Maybe you can do the same. This isn't fancy and it isn't pretty, but it's amazing. The best cleaning solution I have ever used on tables. You would be surprised at the dirt this lifts. I make it for other teachers in my school in hopes they aren't 'toxi-cizing' the kids when they clean.

Get a gallon jug
put in 1/2 c of dish soap (ok that isn't real natural...sorry!)
add 1 c white vinegar
add 2 T borax
fill with water

keep that in the cupboard or closet and use it to refill spray bottles.

Easy yes?

Yes it smells like vinegar but vinegar is a natural deodorizer and the odor gently disappears.

hoping you'll be a little more natural, step by step and we can stop using just one more toxic item.


Sixsisters said...

Wonderful idea Susan. I remember my Mom using
vinegar to clean the windows.
I love the beautiful colors in your beads !!!!

susanlambert said...

thank you :-) It really does clean great. You should see our rags after the tables are wiped down! This year, I'm hoping to do some 'recycled materials art'
gotta come up with something good.

Jill said...

Great idea, Susan. I've been using vinegar more in my cleaning at home, but haven't added borax, which I have, or dish soap. Thank you for posting this.

rosebud101 said...

This sounds great! Thank you, Susan! The spacers are very pretty, too!

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love the reciepe, Susan, and will try it. Wonderful!

one questions, do you need to rinse? Or is that so little dish soap that it doesn't matter?

Cody and Gina said...

Thanks for the recipe!!! We will try it out :)


susanlambert said...

we never rinse probably because there is so little dish soap.

If you really want 'natural' I imagine you would pick up some pure dish soap of some type.