Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leaf me alone

Ok I just couldn't resist saying that.
But this really isn't about being alone. It's about fall. In Michigan the leaves change colors and it's so rich and beautiful. Cold! but pretty.
Here in North Carolina, there isn't that kind of change in the season for autumn. We gradually slide into cooler weather.
So today in Art class, I did a project with my NC students that I used to do in Michigan. You rub crayon on colored tissue paper to get impressions of leaves. Kind of like when we were kids doing rubbings of leaves and using all kinds of fall colors, creating these really nifty pieces of art. So the kids in NC haven't done that! A couple kids said "oh I've done that before!" and the majority hadn't. I couldn't assume anything. Like they didn't know you put the back side of the leaf up so the texture is better.
Once the rubbings are done on tissue paper, you cut them out and use white glue and water (mixed) to glue the transparent leaves on paper, layering them so the overlapped parts make a new color.
The kids loved it. And I smiled inside, thinking of the crisp autumn days, the maple tree in the front yard turning red first, the walks in the crunchy leaves and having the opening day of deer hunting season off.
Do I miss it? Yes..... and no. Life always has new adventures to enjoy. Actually this will be the first time I've been in a state that could get hit by the hurricane! I was going to be in a little Etsy art show in Charlotte this weekend, but am opting out thinking the rain and wind would be not all that good for a day of jewelry sales in an easy-up tent! We won't get the hurricane, according to the weather service, but we will get some wind and some 'gusts up to 20 mph' . Hey, I'm tough, but why get all my cards moist and wrinkly, and really wonder if anyone will be shopping. So I'll stay in my cozy garage and make beads and some jewelry pieces to take to a gallery. Sounds warm and inviting right now.


rosebud101 said...

I like the way you think, Susan! I think you are very wise.

Dayna said...

Love the "leafs"! I know it's leaves but I couldn't resist either.

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love your leaves, Susan! and I think the leaf rubbing with the children is a great idea. I've never heard of that either, hmmm, I'm wondering if big kids can do it too!

I hope the rain doesn't get too bad for you.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

I was leafing through your blog and found your new post, hehehe.
The leaves are great Susan...autumn and I both miss having you around. Keep them kids busy and tell them the leaves are just that beautiful!!