Sunday, September 14, 2008

a little extra for a lampworked disc

I love to make discs. So it's been something that a lot of time has been spent doing. Like playing piano, the practice makes it easier and the final product better. Little tricks, color combinations, and learning what glass melts how fast and what glass holds it shape have been things that I've picked up along the way.
My fascination with discs has lasted maybe two years, maybe three. Here is one way I use the discs to hang them as a pendant on an omega type necklace.
It's so nice when something starts to flow and become easier. When people say the way to learn something is PPP, (practice, practice, practice) they are just so right.

I make these disc holders from silver metal clay (pmc or art clay) and love using them with a thick silver wire to support the pendant. The silver wire is forged to hang on the omega.
The color combinations and sizes are endless for a unique piece of jewelry.

And this is all I have to write about tonight. It's been a busy weekend with calls from my kids (love it!) house hunting (maybe successful! woo hoo!) and company for dinner. Plus torch time filling a few orders (for discs!)

Talk to you all later!


rosebud101 said...

You must make those disc holders, Susan! Wow! That really does add to the disc! Hope the house hunting was successful!

susanlambert said...

yup they're PMC and then 16 g silver or maybe it's 14 g.
Thanks! I love to wear them with the silver centers.