Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little purple in our lives

So you've probably noticed that I compare beads and life. I wonder why that is? hmmm

Maybe it's because the beads themself reflect where I am in life. Like the time things were so bad at work I made 'kiss my ass' beads. Those were fun. And sometimes hearts are the thing I just have to make. After going to the beach, it's shells.

Why is this set light purple/violet and gray? Is it calm? Maybe it's representing some calm in my life. Things settling down, boxes unpacked, looking for a house, getting the kids at school settled and following the class rules. Like, you know, don't throw art materials, ''this isn't the gym so quiet down!" "sweeping all your pencil shavings off your table onto the floor isn't cleaning up!", and on and on in that vein. God help me, I need patience! Other days it's just a breeze and then those wonderful things that do happen make the job so worth it.

Anyhow. If beads are a reflection of where I'm at, then these beads certainly show a calm and yet some fun. Fun patterns with a splash of color. Sounds like a good map for life as usual.

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have fun!


rosebud101 said...

I love those beads! I'm glad that your life is in a calming mode.

susanlambert said...

calm is good!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Hey, purple! Nice Susan..it's an unusual color for you and looks very good.

susanlambert said...

and it didn't even devitrify! or turn silverish.. It's not moretti and I think I've figured out how to keep the color.
Liking it!
what should I mix it with next is the question. I'm thinking sky blue....