Monday, October 27, 2008

New Torch

Isn't this awesome? It's still in the box because I'm moving. So the studio is getting set up again for I think about the zillionth time since August 2006. First I moved from N Michigan to N.Carolina and rented studio space. The lady who had that space would move my equipment when I wasn't there. It was moved about 5 times and it drove me nuts. So we rented a house and I moved it from the studio to the garage in the rental. Then we went to Michigan for the summer, so I took all my lampworking equipment with me, then back to NC, then to Michigan the next summer, then back to NC.. and now... drum roll please.............................................................
We bought a house and are moving in. Woo hoo!
I'm thinking maybe this new torch can get hooked up tonight. It is supposed to work great with an oxygen concentrator which is what I use. I'll tell you how it compares to my bobcat torch which is a sweet torch.
I bought the cricket because maybe there will be more 'ummmph' and you can get a pinpoint flame with it, which can come in handy when working in a small area and you don't want to melt too much of your design.

:-) Tonight's plan is move my glass, and gee I probably should move the contents of the refridgerator, and ummm more clothes. ok priorities. Maybe the torch won't get set up tonight!


rosebud101 said...

Have fun with your new torch, Susan!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Dying to know how this works. I should get out the Lynx and hook it back up. My concentrator is a 10 and is supposed to work okay on that. But the old Major still works so Did you get it set up?

Cody and Gina said...

Oh exciting!!! Can't wait to see the new stuff you make with the torch :)