Friday, October 3, 2008


Kimberly at the Wild Hare Blog spot tagged me today. Fun! The rules when you are tagged you must share six facts about yourself that most people don't know, and then tag six other people who need to do the same thing.

So ok 6 things which aren't all that interesting because what I like to do the most is quiet kinds of things. And that might surprise some people who know me since out in public I can be rather extroverted. (ok a lot extroverted but really I'm an introvert )

Sometimes (usually most times) we'll go to a Superbowl party and I don't know what football teams are playing in it. I have to ask my husband on the way to the party. Football just doesn't do it for me and when we went to the games when my kids were in high school, I'd take a book on tape on an mp3 player and listen to it. There were people listening to the game on the radio with their headphones, so I fit right in. When everyone stood up and cheered, I would too. The games got a lot more interesting after I discovered audible books.

I have two recipe boxes and one is full of cookie recipes. Homemade cookies are the best! My favorites are soft ginger cookies. No bake cookies are good too, and sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter..... ok all of them are good. The secret is to use real butter.
:-) I bake them and then take little ziplock bags of cookies to my friends at work. But mostly I eat them. The best time is for breakfast with a cup of coffee.

I grew up in a large family in Michigan. 7 kids. No one lives in Michigan anymore. We live in Oregon, Missouri, North Carolina, Wyoming, and South Dakota. My kids live in Illinois, Arizona and Missouri. My parents live in Michigan in the summers and then in Florida. My brothers and sisters and I rarely get together as a group since we all live so far from each other, but we do see each other when we get the opportunity. People ask after knowing me for a while, 'just how many brothers and sisters do you have?'

I like to ride bikes. It's like flying when you glide down the hills, and riding smooth roads is just heavenly. I can take my bike apart and clean it and put it together again, thanks to the experience of working in a bike shop in college. There is a little fold up basket for the handlebars. One summer, I decided I wouldn't drive anywhere unless necessary and used my bike for most everything. But then I discovered that you shouldn't ride your bike and try to carry a watermelon. They are slippery and break when they hit the pavement. Quite colorful though! A gallon of milk can fit in a backpack but not much else, so you have to plan the trips carefully and save the big stuff for a car trip.

I had a rare uterine cancer almost 7 years ago and 'own' and moderate a list-serve for that specific cancer. Women find us when they look for information, and some physicians send their patients to the group. It's rare enough that there isn't much information out there and there are about 70 cases a year in the US and Europe. Go figure. I am a rare flower. ;-) and blessed to be healthy even if there are some left over side effects. Being sick with something serious makes one's view of life different than it was before the illness. That's why I follow my dreams.

I like to knit. It doesn't really matter if I finish the project so there are probably 5 or 6 knitting projects in my basket. It's mindless, and soothes the soul. I started knitting when I was in 4th grade and have had a project going ever since, it seems. Right now I'm trying to find the perfect sock pattern. I have three different socks made from three different patterns and not one of them is a perfect fit. It seems that if it takes that long to knit a sock, it should fit just right. One project in the basket is a wrap-type shawl. I only knit it when waiting for appointments. I want to see how long it will take to finish and when it's done, it will show how much time would have been wasted sitting waiting for someone to see me, or waiting for a test. When I get a CAT scan, there is a good hour wait after drinking glucky stuff, so I always knit then. It's probably about half done and was started two years ago. And the only kind of mittens that anyone should wear are hand knit mittens, in my opinion. !! So those get finished once they're started. But then again, I have the perfect mitten pattern.

and even though there are 6 already... here is number 7
We are buying a house! :-) After moving to NC two years ago, we finally sold the Michigan house and have found one here. We close in two weeks! Woo hoo!
that's why I haven't been around much lately on the etsy forums. Packing to move again! Hopefully it's the last move for a while, and this time I can set up a great garage studio since it will be 'my' garage studio.


Sharon Driscoll said...

I knew these - so do seven more!

susanlambert said...

haha my life is an open book! ;-)