Sunday, November 23, 2008

ahhh finally back around and 'normal' haha

What is normal? Who knows what that is lately? hah!
We're still in boxes and I think they are reproducing! Not really. It's all good. We need a pantry type closet built and then things will all be where they need to be (in a way).
A friend just moved and she wrote and said 'we are unpacked but certainly not organized' and yup that's the truth!
And there are lists.. buy hooks for doors, get some cedar chips, look at rugs, etc etc Fun stuff though! Fun to move into a home that we love and start to settle in.

So this week, the electrician came and hooked up some dedicated outlets for my kiln and concentrator, I hooked up the new torch and am loving it. It will be hard to not torch over the holiday!
I put a couple things up on Etsy and that feels good since it's been a while. This is a wonky kind of crazy button, but it's my kind of button. I would for sure make a pin out of it, sewing a pin back to it with some bright thread and pinning it on a jacket or bag.

Anyway hello to all my blogger friends. I'll be around more now!

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