Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Disc cutter for silver and copper

Here's a new 'toy' ;-) Actually it was a birthday gift, but we were moving then so I didn't mess around with it. And then it was the holiday season, so I spent more time unpacking and setting up the house, and shopping and baking. But now with a few weeks off. woo hoo!
I am able to play. This beauty is a Pepe disc cutter. Slide in some metal, place the punch in the correct slot and hit it a few times with a hammer. A beautifully cut disc will be the result.

I use so many silver discs in my jewelry that this is going to help a bunch. Hopefully the amount of discs I use will offset the cost of the tool. Some will also be on Etsy.

My friend Sharon Driscoll has a rolling mill, and we played with that one evening, rolling a bunch of copper through the mill with different textures. The discs at the top of this page are made from some of that copper. Wow what a bunch of ideas are rolling thru my head for the discs. Earrings with a bead hanging below them, pendants, stacked in pendants, in bracelets, on and on, the fun never stops.

So if you're looking to cut some discs, this cutter works a gazillion times better than the economy ones you get at your local tool store. You have to watch for them because often the jewelry tool companies don't have these in stock. Otto Frei is a good place to look. But watch out! They have all kinds of nifty things.......................


rosebud101 said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing, Susan!

susanlambert said...

haha I've had that cutter bookmarked on my computer for over a year and finally, my birthday, and DH asked 'what do you want?'
It's incredible to use compared to the one I had that would bend the metal as it cut.