Wednesday, December 3, 2008

lampworking classes

I was thinking. When someone takes a lampworking class from me, this is one of their favorite beads to make.
I remember my first class and it was entirely frustrating. I kept pulling the bead release off and I kept ruining the beads. Going through that learning process has helped me make sure my own students make a good bead. I want my students to leave class with some beads and the knowledge to set up on their own at home. They can practice making a good round bead and use different colors and then come back for more if they like.
anyway. This is such a fun bead because of the reaction of the turquoise and silver glass. I don't know why it works something about sulphur (????) but where they touch is an incredible teenie line of dark ivory/brown. They look great no matter how bad a dot or line is on the bead.
The ones here I etched a bit and the wavy ivory line is purposely organic. They are so good looking with a bunch of silver for a bracelet.

I wonder what other lampworkers have as a favorite 'beginning' bead.


rosebud101 said...

Some of my favorite beginner beads were flattened beads in which I had started out with a round bead of many colors, then after forming the round bead, I flattened it. Love those even today!

susanlambert said...

I wanna see them!