Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why I drive a Toyota

Pictured above is a quality product by a person (me) who cares and has good customer service and guarantees their work. It should all be that way. right?! and you can click on it to see it in my Etsy shop.

Yes... this is another opinionated political type post just in case you just like to read about jewelry you are forewarned.

I feel so bad for the auto workers, and about the economy, especially in Michigan since it's where I lived. Reading about the loss of jobs, the plea for a bailout.
Duh on how dumb the auto execs were flying their private jets to beg for the bailout though. Which is just a reflection on how some companies enjoyed all those big bucks at the top and probably should have been paying more attention to a few other things. Like the little guy.. the consumer.

My story is that we always drove a Chevy. Since 1973, we had reliable cars from them. and then, we bought a van that cost more than our first house. Probably around 1999 or 2000. We traveled a bunch and wanted a van that could pull the trailer and keep 3 kids happy in the back. We had it converted with a nifty package with the tv and lights etc.
We bought it in February. The year later in the spring, the first time I turned on the AC, it didn't work and it was out of warranty. Now who tries their AC in February in Michigan? So anyway that cost a mint to have fixed. I called the dealership, called customer service too and they wouldn't do anything. Ok
then the electronic system would go out off and on and the van would just not start. We would get stranded here or there and then after a while maybe it would start. No one could fix it. Although we tried.
Then the transmission went out within a month out of 'it's' warranty. We took good care of that van and were making good sized payments. So it was like 3 years old and had all those issues. Chevy would do absolutely nothing to help. We would call customer service and tell them the whole story, wrote letters to everyone. Nothing. They could care less. We were out of warranty. So not only did we have these big payments but in three years the d#$n van had about $3000 in repairs. ugh!
The last time we got stranded because of the electronics we decided to sell the van. It was maybe 4 years old and not very high in mileage. We traded it in and the car dealership sold it 'as is' on their lot.
Pretty sad. So everytime I see how GM is having issues, I think of that van and how we will never ever ever buy another car that has no customer service, no backing up of their product.

And I have written this and much more in a letter to the president of the auto company and got no response. He can probably afford life with 3 kids and a van that needs a transmission.

To keep from going on and on and boring you with the rest of my story, suffice it to say that the AC went out on my Toyota and I had excellent help from the dealership and Toyota customer service. EXCELLENT! and really I won't feel bad about the economy and my Toyota since Toyota is the only car that has every part in it made in the US. Did you know that? I figure most likely the 'big bucks' for the guys with the private jets is going to Japan though.

I would love to help support our economy but won't be dumb enough to buy a product that I pay big payments on and have an inferior product with no customer support. Sorry Flint, Michigan, sorry Detroit. I saw what happened to these cities over the past 30 years. I'm sorry for them but it's time to pull up our bootstraps and work on making the economy built on quality products and not depend on the executives in the private jets to make our life easier. They don't care.

Let's go buy stuff from the little guy. The fruit market, the farmer, the craftsmen, the bicycle shop and get our economy moving by helping each other. Go buy something from a small business. Make it your goal to do that once a week. Check out Etsy and do some Christmas shopping. That's where I am hunting for some unique gifts.

Do it!


Content in a Cottage said...

Susan...Great post. I totally agree that those American automobile guys have done this to themselves. Did you read my recent post about Henry Ford? I lost 5 subscribers that day...but who cares. Enough is enough. ♥Rosemary

rosebud101 said...

Good post, Susan. I drive a Toyota, too. Here, though, the customer service is not the greatest. I love my little Toyota, though. It was well built.