Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just because

I really don't know why. But I just wanted to make a duct tape wallet. It isn't the one pictured. The one pictured is from a site on how to make them. Click on the picture to go to the site and you can make one too.
Mine is orange.
I started thinking about multicolored duct tape wallets. Wallets with snaps, wallets with pictures made of duct tape.
What is this saying about where my brain is right now? Really what would I do with a duct tape wallet? It's sitting on my desk. Maybe I'll put it in the car and keep all those cards that you use in stores, and punch cards for coffee, and coupons and all that other stuff.

I'll bet you want one too. Let me warn you. It's very very sticky stuff. It sticks to your scissors.
You have to be very careful with placing the tape because one bad move and you have sticky stuff showing and you can't use that part of your duct tape 'fabric' .

Go ahead. make one. ;-) I just know you want one. Really even if you don't think you do...........


Debby said...

Hmmmm I think you might need that trip to Tuscon more than you know!

organicnicole said...

we have cammo duct tape. It would be cool to maybe make one out of the silver duct tape for dryer vents. Flashy! Have a good time in Tuscon!