Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Last Man

I am totally hooked on this series! Graphic novels are you know.... comic books.
This series has 10 books and it's about the one guy who survived a plague that killed all the men on earth and only left women.
I'm on book 5 now.
You know what's neat about graphic novels? There is no 'he said' 'he thought' 'she looked and saw' type of words because it's in the pictures. And the pictures are sooo I don't know .... graphic novel-ish! ;-)
I don't know what to read when I finish these up. Although my son sent me another graphic novel _Watchmen_
so that'll last a while longer.
Fun to read and not have to 'think' but just look at the pictures and let my imagination run. I keep thinking about what is going on in the books so being obviously a very visual person anyway, these are way fun for now.

I linked the title of this post if you are interested. I am not getting anything from Amazon... just doing the link because.... I can.

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Now, how fun is that!