Friday, January 16, 2009

silver clay

Have you worked with silver clay? If you see a jewelry piece that says it is 99% fine silver or says it's fine silver in the description, it is most likely metal clay. There are two companies that make it.. one type is Art Clay Silver and another is Precious Metal Clay.
It really isn't clay. It is particles of silver in a binder and it feels like a small piece of clas. You form pieces with it using certain techniques and you fire it. There are many many things you can make with it.
Before I moved to North Carolina, I would do silver casting in a studio in Michigan. That equipment isn't available to me and I sure don't need more stuff, so I work with metal clay when I need components of silver.
For Christmas, my sons bought me everything I need to work with bronze clay. That big package of clay is sitting there ready to be used. I have been planning and planning what to make. So next week when I have a couple days off, maybe that package will be opened and formed and fired to make some nifty brass jewelry pieces.

The above picture is just a simple bead cap for discs made with art clay silver and then a large headpin was formed to use with it, working both pieces together will make a nice pendant.

I wonder how many of my readers have used metal clay.


Joanne said...

What a pretty bead, I've never thought of silver being a similar texture to clay. I hope you'll post your brass jewelry when done!

rosebud101 said...

Susan, that is beautiful! I've worked with metal clay on a very limited basis. Once to be exact. However, you have such a knack for design, I wish I could be more like you then I'd work more with silver clay.

susanlambert said...

Rosebud too bad you don't live nearby so we could play!

and Joanne... thank you!