Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I was lucky to be in a shop and stumbled across a big bowl of dusty old glass reflectors. What were they for? The shop owner said he thought for bikes. What can I do with them, the brain starts whirring and twirping. :-) because they are GLASS and they are sparkly, I mean, what's not to like? So I bought a bunch and then went back and bought more. When I dip them in ammonia, they perk right up. So with a little metal fabricating, this pendant came about. I have another in silver made and want to make a few more in the other colors that I have...blue .. and clear. Seems like something nifty could be under the clear to magnify. That's rolling around in my brain now.

I so wish there was more time to play with all this fun stuff, rather than working on grades and lesson plans. I love my job but sometimes I yearn to be knocking around in my studio working on this and that and following some of the brainstorms that have been in my thoughts.

I pick up these reflectors and seriously slide back in time to when I was a little kid. We lived on a street called Pigeon St. in Jackson, Michigan. I would walk to school for kindergarten and have cookies and milk for snack and lay on my little colorful rug for 'rest time'. We'd play in the yard and with the neighbors and sit on their steps and watch the squirrel that would run up real fast and grab a nut from their feet if they put it there. I drew pictures and painted and kept my art work in a coat box under my bed. My best picture was the painted tree with leaves of all kinds of colors dropping to the ground. We moved just before I was done with that kindergarten year, to a small town about 10 miles from there. The memories don't see as magical and sometimes I ponder that, wondering why. Probably just because I grew up.

So many of my memories are colorful and visual and somehow holding a reflector gives me a sense of that time when reflectors like this were on cars and bicycles. Glass and sparkly, something I've always been drawn to. It makes one wonder if we start some very special thing very early in life. Something to reflect on, yes?


rosebud101 said...

That is so cool, Susan! You are one of the most creative people I know. I love to go thrift shopping with people who can see things in a different light. Someday, maybe we can do that.

susanlambert said...

ok I'm in!

Sybil said...

I don't know if you're more resourceful or more creative. But one thing is for sure: your art is even more beautiful and impressive than I remember it (which is often actually, because I still wear a pair of earrings you made for me). And it makes me happy to see that creating it still sows great joy in your life. Miss you.