Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snow in Michigan

Wow Looks like Michigan got hit with some snow! My old home town of Houghton Lake Michigan had a record snowfall for this date. 6 inches of snow. That would probably paralyze our towns in North Carolina for a week!
When we get a dusting of snow here, everything shuts down. We laugh and think we can drive anywhere, but have found that there are many who can't drive in snow and that makes travel hazardous.
A snow day here would be fun except when our school is canceled, we make it up. No built in snow days here and I don't want to work one of our spring break vacation days!
In Michigan, we would hunker down and stay inside, doing our sewing, or reading, watching movies, baking cookies and breads, doing some crafts. Snow days were times to relax, get some rest, and just not have the ability to go anywhere. We might venture out for a walk in the snow if the wind was down and the sun out. Sometimes we would ski, or skate, or sled, but usually a snow day was just a 'stay in the house, make soup, and lay around day'.
I find that the amount of people who craft or do art work isn't as high around here and I figure it's the weather. You can always walk outside, it isn't dark by 5 oclock in the winter, and you have the motivation to move rather than bundle up.

We 'did' have a low of 28 degrees one morning this week, but that didn't seem to affect the blooming daffodils, or the budding trees. It's time to pump up the bicycle tires and get outside to enjoy the spring weather. I miss my Michigan friends, but sure don't miss the weather!

and.... a quick hello to my friends who follow this blog. I don't have emails for everyone but hey... a shout out to Sybil! glad you stopped by!


Debby said...

Snow! Yuck! That's why I winter in FL!!!

I used to love snow days though. Got to have all my boys home and we'd have so much fun on those days. I never understood the moms that hated them.

ahhhhh those were the days! Just glad I'm not still in them!

susanlambert said...

right ... no one could go anywhere. No 'have to's' just had to hang around the house and dig out something to do. Monopoly anyone?
;-) There are some days I would love to go back in time and visit, and a snow day in Michigan with my kids would be a good pick.

rosebud101 said...

That sight looks so common. I'll be glad for spring.

thewildhare said...

brrr! Even the picture makes me shiver! I agree though, it would be nice to have a few days where the best option was to stay inside and craft!

But it has been cold enough here for me, and I am ready for the breezy warm days of spring, for sure!