Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Plays with Fire

What I did with my snow days.
It snowed a lot for North Carolina! We had two days off! So I made some rings to put lampwork in. This was in a jewelry magazine with swirls on the side. I have a ring from ages ago that says 'plays with fire' on it and it's so fun, since, yes indeedie, I do play with fire. (and have the scars to prove it lol)
So with my new letters from beaducation, I stamped some of these rings not with swirls but with the saying I wanted.

Now I am thinking of other things to put on them.

The neat thing about these is that you make it fit your finger by the size of the bead. The difficult thing is it isn't interchangable unless you use another wire and cut your initial wire. In the jewelry journal, they used a micro screw, but there are issues with those too. They have to be epoxied closed so those are more difficult to cut out to change a bead. To keep the ring comfy, the little wire is the best way to go, in my opinion. And once you get a good bead in the ring, you really don't want to change it.

It's always fun! :-) I've used all my wire and have a few on Etsy. More wire is on the way in the mail!

Wishing for more snow days............



rosebud101 said...

I love that ring, and I am so tempted! Yikes! I have a feeling I might just give in! I'm off to the store now. Yikes! I love it!


hey susan..
could you take a look at my todays post and pass along to your friends .. this family needs our help...
all our love
mona & the girls

ps starting to plan that slumber party for this summer.. let me know if you would like to come...

Debby said...

You're a need one that says 'Runs with scissors'!

Glad you enjoyed your snow days. I hope I never see snow again!

PS:I'm going to be a Grammy again in the next hour. Jason's wife is in the last stages right now. Just had to share!

Anonymous said...

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