Sunday, August 23, 2009

a cheaper workbench

My husband has been eyeing the table that I use when doing metalsmithing. It's an old oak table just the right size. I figured, well, get a workbench and give him the table. He needs it for his classroom. Then looking at workbenches, I took it all back! They are expensive. $300 and up.
So today we were in IKEA and there it was.... a table that could easily work out for a bench. drawers for tools, shelves for tools, a big enough workspace to solder and saw and what not. Edges that could be used for a bench pin and vice. 99 bucks. What a much better deal!
I put it together and had a lot of trouble with the long screws that are put in with an allen wrench (supplied) it would have been 'blister city' and I didn't know that a power drill can be used with the correct bit. Go figure. After trying to set one screw manually, DH came to the rescue, setting up the drill and placing them. I could have done it being a girl who has no issues with tools, but he had the fun.
Here is a picture of the finished bench. It doesn't have the curved cut front but beyond that, what's different?

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rosebud101 said...

I like that! I need to make a trip to IKEA! Great find!