Thursday, November 12, 2009

handmade gifts for Christmas

I have a pair of these fingerless gloves and they are wonderful! Actually, I asked this Etsy seller, Tickled Pink Knits to knit a pair of these for me in a yarn that is not wool because wool makes me itch. So I have a beautiful pair of these in violet in a nice worsted. But her fine merino wool is to die for! This fiber artist has knitting perfection!
What is great about fingerless gloves? If you live in a cold climate, wear a pair of those cheap gloves under them. You know--the gloves you get for $3. (I buy those like socks, and get them all in the same color so if one is lost, you have more) Wearing the gloves with these looks fun and gives you the warmth you need and yet the ability to use your fingers rather than having them all together in a mitten. I always buy the gloves in black, or for a splash of color, buy a contrasting color to the fingerless gloves. And sometimes.... yes.... I am in a hurry and can't find two gloves to match and wear two different colors. The fingerless gloves match and pull the look together for a funky look.
If you live in a warmer climate like I do now, then they are just right for chilly winter mornings. Your hands stay warm but you can use your fingers to do whatever, like grip the steering wheel.
And these are 'stylin' !! Unique, handmade, warm... what's not to like?

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rosebud101 said...

I love fingerless gloves! Those are beautiful!