Monday, December 14, 2009

chex mix

Well I certainly have been busy. I will post Christmas ideas again soon.
in the meantime, here's my Chex Mix recipe. It's been altered several times until we've reached perfection. ;-)

Chex Mix

in big pan ( I use a large roasting pan. you can get the large disposable ones people get for turkey)

2 sticks butter or margarine (yes the box says use 6 T but long ago.... when butter wasn't considered so unhealthy, it called for more and since it's the holiday... plus this is a double batch just so you know)

2 T worshestershire (I add a bit more)
3 t beau monde or other seasoning salt (lawrys)

stir it all together and add
10 c mixed cereal (I use crispix and wheat chex)
lots of cashews (a big can)
about a half a bag of pretzel sticks
a few cups of cheerios

try to get it all coated with the butter mixture but it won't look like it is.
250 degrees
stir it every 15 minutes
bake one hour.

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