Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art Clay Copper

This is a great product! I teach silver metal clay classes and the cost to learn is somewhat high. A ten gram packet of PMC or Art Clay Silver is between $14 and $18 depending on the silver market. Lately it is closer to $18.
So I saw this art clay copper and found that it can be torch fired or fired in a kiln without charcoal or a charcoal pan for a half an hour.
50 grams for $15 what a deal!
The pictured pieces here are from one packet of Art clay copper. The piece that looks a bit like a clock is torch fired, the rest kiln fired. No problem at all with the torch fired piece! When I pick these up to carry them and they clink in my hand, they sound like heavy coins. And heavy they are, because I read that you should make the pieces rather thick. My next batch will be thinner. These were quick textured and cut just to see what would happen. It's cheap enough to play and not worry if things so wrong.
After they were done, I scrubbed them with a brass brush, tumbled to a shine, and then used liver of sulphur to antique them.
One thing I did wrong? One texture sheet had some dried silver clay on it and it transferred to the copper, leaving dark spots. You can't see them because of the antiquing, but when they say use separate tools for the copper clay, believe them. I had washed all my other tools but that particular texture sheet looked so tempting...... and I was careless. But no harm in this instance.
Now to hang these pieces on something to create jewelry. See the pair for earrings?
If you mess around with metal clay, this is something that was a lot of fun to try!


rosebud101 said...

Those pieces look great! I might look into that clay!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Liking this Susan! You know how much I get to not liking PMC because of the price but this makes sense!