Sunday, February 21, 2010

are you a tea drinker? I found this gem yesterday at Teavana.
The store itself is hard to find, but in Charlotte there is one at the South Park Mall. In Chicago, there are several, I think. My son got me hooked when for Christmas one year, he bought several types of tea there for me. The Yerba Mate is wonderful. Drinking tea everyday is great for you. Tea is filled with anti-oxidants which are healthy especially for hopefully keeping those mutating cells in your body at bay. (in other words, in theory, preventing cancer)
So I shop at Teavana, which is a great experience, sample their teas, and pick some up to be able to enjoy that daily 'cuppa' .
This infuser has a strainer in the top to put your loose tea, pour that correct temp of water over it, and as a general rule, I use water that has been boiled. Steep your tea, pull out the metal strainer basket and this stays hot for hours. Two glass walls (borosilicate) keep the water hot, and if you know me, you know I am into glass and not plastic for several reasons. One being, the flavor stays nice, two being you aren't drinking plastic and this is so much more environmental conscious, let alone nice looking.
You can put the tea leaves into the glass, but that could make your tea bitter since it will steep all the time it is in the hot water.
I am enjoying my tea from this, and tomorrow, taking the infuser/glass in my school bag to keep at work.

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