Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February where has the time gone?

It's been a while! Blogging hasn't been the top on my list since Christmas. I've been lucky enough to travel to Tucson and wedding dress shop with my daughter. Her wedding is in April. Right now my job is addressing invitations which is way fun. The wedding itself will be in Arizona and we will enjoy a lovely spring break in a warm place. :-) What a great way to spend vacation, being able to see all of our kids.
It's weird to have a child marry, even though we certainly have anticipated this with happiness too since we so love our future son-in-law, it still is a new concept to me, having a married child.
Life is such a journey. It seems like yesterday I was in college with that long hair and denim bell bottom jeans, taking my art classes toward a degree in teaching art.
There have been so many joys and looking forward to this wedding just adds to the joy.

A heart bead that isn't in my Etsy shop, but maybe it will show up there!
Have a lovely day and to my Northern friends, a wish for warmth for you all and some sunshine too!

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