Friday, February 26, 2010

Faeries, chakra, and feeling centered

I'm thinking about my friend Sharon Berkan Dent today.Because I am wearing a beautiful dragonfly pendant she made using the lost wax casting process. It has stones down the center of it's body in the order of Chakra. Maybe it will help me be more centered today. ( right..........) In the meantime, it's the kind of pendant people ooooh and ahhhh over since it's so intricately made and beautiful. I am so lucky to have it.

Isn't her work gorgeous? A faerie like the one pictured on the right is also in my collection of her work. Her work is magical, and her skill with wax and casting is so 'there'. How anyone can get that kind of detail by carving wax is beyond me. Way beyond me actually since I have done some casting guided by Sharon and although my skills have improved much with her tutelage, I do know my limits!

Wearing the pendant makes me think of the people that were in the metals lab/class in Midland Michigan, and how much fun we had. It was my job to tell new people in the class that we took turns bringing homemade cookies and the new people had to bring them first. (no one believed me!) Over the 5 years of traveling to the metals studio weekly, we became a close group, sharing ideas, skills, gem stones, stories, and other fun stuff, like recipes and how to make scented lotion. (thanks Linda!) We even had a puppy shower one night. :-)

An inanimate object, in theory, has no 'powers' but is a reminder of times and places, souveniers of times in our lives. An engagement ring's meaning, the heirloom earrings from Grandma, a macrame necklace with a Lake Superior agate. These have those memories attached to them, as does my dragonfly and faerie. A centering of memories of very special people and special times. So my day may not feel 'centered' but it's all that much better to carry thoughts of loved ones.

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