Monday, March 1, 2010

a beadie talisman

A few years ago, I designed this bead. I was working in a situation that just became more and more difficult. Teaching art is a really awesome job until you have huge classes with over 40 students. I was hanging in there fairly well until the paycut. It just seemed that so many of my good friends were 'laid off' yah... like we never saw them again, so I would call that 'fired' . Having a fairly large paycut added insult to injury.
Art can be healing.
Working with glass is great therapy. I forget everything and it's just me and the glass, melting it, shaping it, and working the heat correctly.
The weekend after the paycut, as I sat at my torch, I decided to make masks. This particular mask design started with a cute mouth that is making a kiss. And then my evil twin took over on the torch......
I made a cute little behind for the bead. ahhhh the laughing at myself made things much better, and wearing the bead to work made things seem a bit easier too. I could present a happy face at work, and yet when frustrated, rub that little behind.
things are much much better in my life now. Regular sized classes, actual raises once in a while and actually a bonus several times. wow Being a state employee as a teacher has some real advantages, especially in a state where there is much support for teachers and how hard we work, rather than blame for financial hardships.
I still make the beads though, but end up wearing hearts. I love my job. :-) This type of bead was a great little talisman to try to push my frustrations into, and I still sell them because sometimes you just need to think something you can't say outloud.
this bead is in my Etsy shop. you can click on the picture to have a bit more of a view.

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