Tuesday, April 27, 2010

crazy fun pendant beads

It's been a lot of fun lately making oddly shaped disc beads. I heat them, add extra glass, and dots and ruffles, to make a unique pendant bead. This one is so hard to list on Etsy because I want it for myself. It's a lustre glass and looks a bit like oil on water, then with the fushia kind of pink and the bright yellow, well, you can see why Bullseye glass is known for it's nice colors.
It's fun to work with Bullseye too because it melts a tad slower so the glass stays where you put it. The hard thing to deal with is that the glass won't work with Moretti glass. It will crack where they are melted together, so sadly, the two types of glass are incompatible.
It's expensive to have both types of glass, so my Bullseye collection of colors is limited. But this center pinkish red is so pretty, that it's tempting to just sit down and make a big order of new glass.

I have thought a lot about making a silver 'hanger' bail for this bead and wearing it myself. Thinking of making another one for sure!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Frog beads

Looking at beads in my shop. I love these little frog beads. A friend told me she told her daughter she had to kiss a lot of frogs before she found her prince. Maybe that's the 'draw' of the frog. Stuff fairy tales are made of. Lampworkers often call the green glass in this bead 'frog green'
I'm not real sure what the 'real' name is for that glass.

still working on new beads. I need to take pictures and post them on Etsy. with a show coming up, I'm using many of my beads in my own jewelry. (which is why I started lampworking in the first place)
It's fun to put things together and if another bead is needed, I can sit at the torch and make it.

way fun!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Torch enameling and lampwork

way back..... in the 70's, I began teaching Art. We did a bunch of copper enameling because in the '70's the thought was that art classes should be small. I was so lucky to have groups of 15 middle schoolers at a time, and we did big projects. Batik, acrylic painting on real canvas, were also a couple of the projects. It isn't something I would attempt with over 25 kids. Picture that... one adult 25 kids and pots of dye and hot wax. But we could do that in a small group. I will admit though, I 'have' done tie dye with big groups and it's a pile of fun.
A few left overs from that time in my life, are some copper blanks. It's possible to enamel using a torch, and I have been experimenting with it for a while. Here's one piece that was a success. It's a peace sign that I had in that pile of copper blanks from 'way back when' . How fun to have a 'real' peace sign, even though you can certainly buy a new one, it's kind of 'groovy' (couldn't resist) to have the real thing.
And then it had to have some bright hippie kind of beads to go with it. right?
It sure brings back some memories of bell bottoms, long hair, and of course lots of beads. :-)
click on the picture if you'd like to see it in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

ok I've been busy!

And this is what we've been busy with! My daughter's wedding.
Beads coming soon !!!