Tuesday, April 27, 2010

crazy fun pendant beads

It's been a lot of fun lately making oddly shaped disc beads. I heat them, add extra glass, and dots and ruffles, to make a unique pendant bead. This one is so hard to list on Etsy because I want it for myself. It's a lustre glass and looks a bit like oil on water, then with the fushia kind of pink and the bright yellow, well, you can see why Bullseye glass is known for it's nice colors.
It's fun to work with Bullseye too because it melts a tad slower so the glass stays where you put it. The hard thing to deal with is that the glass won't work with Moretti glass. It will crack where they are melted together, so sadly, the two types of glass are incompatible.
It's expensive to have both types of glass, so my Bullseye collection of colors is limited. But this center pinkish red is so pretty, that it's tempting to just sit down and make a big order of new glass.

I have thought a lot about making a silver 'hanger' bail for this bead and wearing it myself. Thinking of making another one for sure!

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Professor J said...

Looks absolutely cute!!!