Wednesday, May 26, 2010

snake on the porch

Check out this visitor! I looked out on the porch and saw this snake and was pretty spooked. It's a 'good' snake. ok but why is it on my porch?
must be food right? I worried it got the baby birds in the birdhouse hanging on the other side of the porch, but there is a lot of movement in there so it must be they are safe. I can watch the birdhouse moving without any wind, jiggle jiggle, but I haven't spotted the Mama bird today. Hope they are all good and hanging a birdhouse there didn't put them in danger from ginormous snakes.

and look how long this snake is in the second picture. whoa....
so ok hopefully he/she won't come back. I turned on the porch light last night and there was a little snake. ok that's enough.
came home from work and there it was again. the little snake.
I put 5 boxes of mothballs around the porch and
under it. Hopefully that will help. A few people at work suggested it.
I never saw a snake like this in Michigan!!
In the meantime, I went in the garage and there was a bird in the garage! It was freaking out. Easy fix. I opened the door and shut off the lights, off it flew to freedom.

So spring in NC is interesting. I'm done being spooked by the snakes, and hope they decided to slither off to someone else's porch! Or we'll have to welcome the cat that hangs around on the patio and takes naps on the furniture out there. Think the cat could take this snake on? I wouldn't know who to bet on!

Wild Kingdom.