Sunday, June 6, 2010


Isn't this the prettiest sunset bead? Unfortunately it's not something that can be sold or used in jewelry. It has the 'evil' devitrification.
I do see some lampworked beads on line with this problem, but to me, it's a sign of not working the heat in your torch correctly.
I've been messing around with some mixed glass powders and love this combination of glass and enamels, and powders, but too bad for this bead, it goes somewhere, but not into jewelry.
Devitrification is evident by a dull bubbled look. Can you see it near the flower on the right and below? Sometimes it happens just because I marvered (shaped) the glass with a brass or graphite tool. You 'learn your glass' and after a bit of practice, the issue is resolved by knowledge of what heat and oxygen combination to use.
And that, my friends, is why some glass color combinations are more difficult to find, and cost somewhat more. It also keeps working with glass always on a learning curve, and challenging fun.
more glassy goodness hopefully coming your way.