Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back at home, and fall classes

We arrived home in NC last Sunday and this past week, I taught a kid's jewelry class in Gastonia. It was fun. The kids did all kinds of projects and it was neat to watch them use their new skills and creativity. It seems the biggest hurdle for them is to slow down and let glue dry. LOL

I'm setting up my classes for fall at Gaston School of the Arts. Tuesday nights 6:30- 8:30 on the listed dates, I will offer two week classes that are project oriented.
That's the goal anyway. That way, for students who took a class before, they can pick and choose classes that have projects they are interested in. There are no classes in September because I have two shows that month and can't deal with teaching at the day job, doing two shows and teaching an evening a week. Teaching one night is not bad, but the set up takes a bunch of time, putting together materials and packing.
The first session in early October is the bracelet pictured here. I think we'll have time to make either some earrings or wire rings too.
The cost is $60 plus a kit cost of $15 which includes all the wire and a set of my lampworked beads. These bracelets are so pretty and the skills taught in making them transfer to many other projects you can do on your own.
The class isn't up on the website yet for GSOA but feel free to call to sign up! We have a lot of fun together!

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