Thursday, August 19, 2010

back to work

Teacher work days today, tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Then the bright shiny faces will show up!

Hard to believe this is my 35th year of teaching. Actually 36 if you count the year of substitute teaching. Amazing. If I put the entire 'sea' of faces together, what would it be like?

and umm.... I started teaching when I was 5 years old. yes indeed. That makes me 40 years old right now. hahahahah

a gecko bead for your viewing pleasure. In my Etsy shop.

1 comment:

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hey, that's one beady eye'd Geeko. Let's name him! Let's name him Casper - why don't you make one to wear and you can spin him around when you are at school and think of summers to come...

: - )