Monday, October 11, 2010

think pink think teal

Ladies... while you are thinking 'pink' think 'teal' also and schedule that yearly gyn exam. ok?
I'm lucky to have had a couple great physicians help me and am now almost 9 years cancer free. I never knew that a clear pap doesn't mean you 'don't ' have uterine cancer. Did you? So if you have any unusual symptoms get them checked. Early detection is key. Scary? yes but even scarier if a tumor isn't found early.
So let's remember to schedule two appointments. A mammogram and a gyn exam/pap smear.
right! Pink and Teal ladies.... pink and teal.


rosebud101 said...

Great bead and great advice!

Maybeads said...

I agree with Mallory - a great reminder and a gorgeous bead!

susanlambert said...

Thanks! My hope is that people don't just 'think pink' but remember to check all parts of their bodies. ;-)